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Taste of the Twin Cities: A few of our favorites

Artisan foods of the Twin Cities

For over a decade we called the Twin Cities home. In that time we tasted some amazing food, experienced a true melting pot of cultures, and met some of the most passionate artisans.   Even after all these years, I know I haven’t made a dent in tasting the Twin Cities amazing culinary landscape, but I’ve collected some of our favs to share with you.

City Girl Coffee

City Girl Coffee

City Girl Coffee was our first Maker’s Series feature. The story and the work they do is amazing. In a male dominated field, City Girl Coffee is sourcing from female owned or managed farms and giving back to support the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Girl power caffeinated!

Buddy’s Nut Butter

Buddy Nut Butter

Nut butters have been having a bit of a renaissance the past few years. From Jif and Skippy to small batch and creative flavors. Few people are as passionate about peanut butter as those behind Buddy’s. You have to try the chocolate peanut butter on toast (may we recommend Brake Bread Flip Flop) topped with banana.

Brake Bread

This was featured in our Maker’s Series so definitely check out our full conversation with Nate, but we love the bread and their story. Musician becomes baker delivering bread by bike. Smaller bakery follows churning out delicious bread with puny names.

Thumbs Cookies

Thumbs cookies

I first saw these adorable little cookies on Instagram where someone had posted a limit edition s’more version. I jumped right on and ordered some which is something I rarely do. The best part was I got to go to Agraculture and pick them up from the owner/baker herself! I love when you actually get to meet the person behind the brand.

Terrior Chocolate

Terrior Chocolate

Bean-to-bar chocolate made in Minnesota? You betcha! These delicate chocolate bars come in unique flavors such as Lemon Poppyseed White Chocolate, Lavender Dark Chocolate, and Salty Nibber. A little piece of this delicious chocolate is the perfect way to end a long day.

After picking out some of our favs (really we could have filled our whole kitchen with Twin Cities products we love) we realized we inadvertently picked a killer breakfast and desserts for days.

I hope you enjoy all of these and get out and explore your own neighborhood or the next place you visit. Go find the people putting their hearts and souls into what they make for you.